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Am I required to purchase a meal plan?

All resident students living in undergraduate and graduate housing are required to have a meal plan. (Husky Village is part of the University’s traditional undergraduate housing.)

  • If you are/will be living in a dorm or suite, you have already been assigned a Residential Meal Plan through Residential Life. You can view your current meal plan on your fee bill.
  • Upgrade/Downgrade Plan - if you decide that your assigned Residential Meal Plan is not the right fit, you have until end of day on Friday, February 18th, 2022, to downgrade to the custom plan or value plan. You can upgrade your plan at any point during the semester. Submit your upgrade or downgrade by utilizing our change plan form. For upgrades, payment is required within 10 days to the Bursar’s Office on the first floor of Wilbur Cross.

Students living in on-campus apartments are not required to have a meal plan but can still voluntarily purchase from a variety of meal plan options that suit their needs. Check out all our meal plan options here.

What kind of meal plans are being offered?

Whether you are a student in traditional undergraduate or graduate housing, a commuter, living in an on-campus apartment, or an employee there are numerous ways to purchase food on campus. Visit our meal plans page for the most current plans and prices.

What is the best meal plan for me?

For students in dorms and suites all three meal plans are very comparable in price and offer unlimited access to the dining units. The best meal plan for you really depends on your eating habits. If you are going to swipe in a guests* for meals at the dining hall, you’re going to want to have Flex Passes to allow entry. Flex Passes can also be used at various dining retail locations for a value meal. If you are the type of person who likes to eat on the run, you’re going to want to make sure you have some points on your account to use at our cafes and eateries around campus.

For students that are living in on-campus apartments or commuting, there are a variety of meal plan options you can voluntarily purchase:  residential meal plans (all you care to eat), Community Meal Plan (a set number of dining hall meals), or a cash/point account (declining balance). View all these options here.

*SWIPING IN GUESTS SPRING 2022: The only guest you will be allowed to swipe into the dining hall with a Flex Pass is another UConn student. No other outside guests are allowed. You are not able to swipe in another UConn student that is in isolation or quarantine, during campus-wide quarantine periods,  or into a quarantine-only dining unit.  If these Flex Pass guest guidelines change at any point during the semester, we will inform the campus community. Please make sure to follow UConn Dining on social media and through our opt-in channel on the myUConn app for updates.

I don’t live in a residence hall, what are my options for purchasing food on campus?

Many options are available to those that are not living in traditional residence halls.

Find all options and details on our meal plans page.

What is a Flex Pass and how are they used?

Find details on how and where you can use your Flex Passes here.

What are points and how are they used?

Find details on how and where you can use your points here.

Can I use my points or Flex Passes at non-Dining Services locations?

No. Points and Flex Passes can only be used for food purchases at Dining Services’ locations. It should be noted that the chain restaurants in the Student Union (Subway and Dunkin Donuts) are not operated by Dining Services and are, therefore, not part of the meal plan.

Where can I eat with my meal plan and how do I get in?

There are eight dining units located around campus: Whitney, Buckley, South, McMahon, Putnam, Northwest, North and Gelfenbien Commons. Dining unit descriptions can be found here. A dining map can be found here. Meal hours for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are posted outside each dining unit as well as on our hours page. You must tap your UConn ID card at each location’s entrance in order to eat. This is commonly referred to as the Validine station.


Can I change my Residential meal plan?

Yes. You have the first three weeks from when the dining halls begin service for the semester to change to another residential meal plan (custom, value, unlimited) that is better suited to your needs. Meal plans for the Spring 2022 semester can be changed through end-of-day Friday, February 18th, 2022.

Please Note: If you want to upgrade your meal plan, you may do so at any time throughout the semester.

You can change your meal plan by filling out our online meal plan change form. For upgrades, payment is required within 10 days to the Bursar’s Office on the first floor of Wilbur Cross.

Meal plan changes will be updated on your ID card within 24 hours, or on the next business day if submitted during the weekend. Your updated meal plan charge will be reflected within 5-7 business days on your semester fee bill.

The meal plan I chose didn’t come with points. What can I do?

If you choose a plan that does not include points, you may purchase a separate cash points account. Like points that come with a meal plan, these points can be used at all dining facilities and at retail operations. Check out point locations here. Unlike the Ultimate or Value Plan’s points, however, these points do roll-over from semester to semester and can be refunded should you leave the University. There is no minimum required purchase for cash points at the Storrs campus. You may also elect to open a Husky Bucks Account by visiting the One Card Office.

How do points differ from Husky Bucks?

Points can only be used for food purchases at UConn Dining Services locations. Residential meal plan points are per semester and o expire at the end of the semester. Husky Bucks do not expire and may be used to purchase food and other items at locations on and off-campus. Husky Bucks can be used at all UConn Dining Services locations including the dining halls. If you purchase our Community Meal Plan with Husky Bucks, you get a 5% discount at the UC Cafes and at Union Street Market at the point of purchase.

Below are the rates for meals in the dining halls. Please let the Dining staff member at swipe-in know that you are using Husky Bucks.

Prices in the dining units through 7/31/2022:

Breakfast $8.55
Brunch $16.15
Lunch $13.50
Dinner $16.90

For more information on Husky Bucks please go to: https://onecard.uconn.edu/husky-bucks/

What if I run out of points or Flex Passes and there is still time left in the semester?

You can add points to your residential meal plan account. There is no minimum purchase for additional points. (1 point = 1 dollar). You can convert residential meal plan points to flex passes (one flex pass = 7 points). Points may be added to your account at any time by calling the Dining Services office. Points purchased separately roll over from semester to semester. You may put these charges on your student fee bill and pay the Bursar in 10 days.

What happens if I have leftover points or Flex Passes on my resident meal plan at the end of the semester?

If you don’t use them, unfortunately, you lose them. This is true unless you make additions to your meal plan. If you purchase additional points during the semester and have any leftover, they WILL automatically roll-over into the next semester. Purchases with meal plan points are limited at the end of each semester to ensure that there is a sufficient supply of retail items. Flex passes do NOT rollover.

How can I check my points or Flex Pass balance?

POINTS:  check your balance, by logging into your OneCard account.

FLEX PASSES: Next time you swipe a Flex Pass, ask the Dining staff member at tap station/register for your balance.

Can I convert my Flex Passes or points?

Flex Passes cannot be converted to more points but points can be converted into more Flex Passes. Please call our office at 860-486-3128 if you are interested in converting points into Flex Passes.

What is the benefit of paying for a dining hall meal with a Community Meal Plan swipe vs. Husky Bucks/Points?

Community Meal Plans (CMP) are available to commuters, students in on-campus apartments, and employees. With a CMP each meal only costs $ 11.60 vs. paying the meal guest rate; a dinner guest rate using points/Husky Bucks would be $16.40 vs. that same dinner with a CMP swipe-$11.60.

Meal prices in the dining units through 7/31/2022:

Breakfast $8.55
Brunch $16.15
Lunch $13.50
Dinner $16.90

How can I find out what is on the menu?

There are two ways to see what is on the menu. Our website is a good place to visit to check out the menu and nutritional info. You can also access the menus in the Dining section of the myUConn mobile app.

How do I find out the nutritional information for my meal items?

The Department of Dining Services analyzes and provides students and other customers with nutritional information about meals served in the dining units on a daily basis. This information can be found at: http://dining.uconn.edu/nutrition/. We also provide recipes upon request.

What if I have dietary restrictions?

The Department of Dining Services will work with students who have dietary restrictions to help meet their needs with the food products available to them. Please let the manager of your particular dining unit know of your restrictions. However, students who have long term dietary restrictions, or who feel they require meal plan exemptions, should first contact the UConn Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) to apply for accommodation.

Once your accommodation is approved, please then request an appointment with Dining Services and include in your allergy description and the name of your CSD appointed contact. A Dining Services staff member will then reach out to you to schedule an appointment. At your appointment, our Assistant Directors will speak with you to further discuss your allergy or dietary restriction, as well as any additional questions or concerns you may have relating to your needs.

More information can be found on our Dietary Restrictions & Preferences page.

What do I do if I lose my ID card?

You must have an ID card to gain entrance to a dining unit. If you have lost your ID card and would like to utilize your meal plan, contact the One Card office at 486-3129 to have it deactivated. You will need a replacement card before eating your next meal. Replacement IDs cost $30.

Am I allowed to bring a reusable water bottle into the dining hall or my own to-go container?

Bringing your own reusable water bottle is now allowed. Bringing Tupperware or your own to-go containers are not permitted in the dining halls.

Do I need my ID card to get into a dining unit?

Yes. All students are issued a University ID card at the One Card Office. This card is an identification card as well as a meal card, a debit card (Husky Bucks), a library card, a residence hall access card, and an access card to events and facilities on campus. It is very important to keep with you at all times. Please note that your ID belongs to you. If someone else uses your ID, it will be confiscated.

How do I find out which meal plan I have?

Check your fee bill to see what plan you have. You can then check our meal plans page to see how many points and/or Flex Passes you have with that plan. During the semester you can check your OneCard for your points balance. For the Flex Pass balance, next time you swipe a Flex Pass you can ask the Dining staff member at check out what your balance is.

What if I can’t get to a dining facility for a certain meal?

If you are unable to get to the dining units due to a class, lab, internship, job or other commitment, you may get a bag meal to take with you. Please visit our Bag Meal requests page for more details.

What do I do if I can’t get to a dining facility because of an illness not related to COVID-19?

If you become ill and cannot make it to a dining unit for a meal, you may call the dining facility you normally eat in, ask for the manager on duty, and request a meal “to go.” Please provide the manager with your PeopleSoft number as well as the name of the individual who will be picking up your meal. When the designated person picks up the meal for you, they must swipe in their own card, swipe in the requesting student’s card, and ask for the unit manager to assist with the take-out.

Can I bring my backpack into the dining unit?

Yes, you may bring your backpacks into the dining area if you so choose.

Can I allow my roommate or friend to use my ID to get a meal or purchase items in a cafe or the food court?

No. Meal plans are not transferable.