To Go Meal Requests

Criteria for To-Go Meal

Getting a to-go meal in the dining hall is available when a student has a medical necessity, quarantining, or a valid conflict with available meal times.

  • Conflict with meal times due to:
    • Class schedule
      Justified by a class schedule that would make it impossible to dine in any of our resident dining facilities. Please submit your class schedule along with the form below. Schedules will be verified with the Registrar’s Office.
    • On- or Off-Campus Job or Internship (form must be signed by the employer)
    • Commuting from the Storrs campus to Avery Point or Hartford campuses for classes  (Avery Point/ Hartford class schedule must be attached to the form below.)
  • Medical Necessity (please follow these steps)
  • Quarantine
    • Students who are identified by SHaW for quarantine will be allowed to get a to-go container at the validine/tap station.
    • Dining will receive your name from SHaW. Please tell the Dining employee working the tap station that you are approved for a to-go container.
  • Students must also have the Ultimate, Value, or Custom meal plan

Please download, print, and fill out the form.
Gather the necessary documentation and/or signatures and email everything to:
Please put To Go Meal Request in the subject line.

A Dining Services staff member will then follow up with you.
If you have questions about this form or program, please contact us at 860-486-3128.

The Process After You Have Been Approved

Once approved, forms are sent directly to the dining hall manager so they can contact the student to work out the details. If you need to pick up your meal prior to our 7:00am opening, we can accommodate you as early as 6:00am. Meals can also be picked up the night before if you leave campus before 6:00am. If picking up the night before is more convenient, please remember your bag meal must be refrigerated overnight.

Upon entering the dining facility, you must tell the staff member at the tap/validine station that you are part of the bag meal program. They will tap your ID card and this will deduct from a set amount of meals that is established by your schedule. The validine staff member will provide you with a to-go container. A member of the dining hall management team can assist you with additional items for your meal such as bagged chips, bottled water, etc. Only cold items (i.e. salads, deli sandwiches) are recommended as they are best suited for travel. For safety reasons, hot food is not recommended.