Meal Plans & Pricing

How To Sign Up For Your Meal Plan:

Spring 2020 Semester

If you are living in the dorms, you have already been signed up for a meal plan through Housing. You only need to call Dining Services if you live in the apartments or off-campus.

To sign up for your meal plan you will need to call (860-486-3128) or visit the Dining Services main office in Towers, Wade/Hamilton building. Office hours are: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm.

At this time, we do NOT offer on-line sign up for meal plans.

The last day to downgrade your meal plan for the Spring 2020 semester will be Friday, February 7. If you want to upgrade your meal plan you may do so at any time during the semester. Please note that meal plans/prices are based per semester. When dining units are closed for the week of Spring break, meal plans are not active.

How To Pay For Your Meal Plan

You may pay for your meal plan several ways:

If you come into the Dining Services main office in Towers (Wade/Hamilton), your meal plan payment will be applied directly to your fee bill. We will no longer accept checks or cash in the main office.

Paying online through Bursar's Office: If you choose the option of adding your meal plan purchase to your fee bill at time of sign-up, (this is done at the Dining Services main office) your payment will be due within ten days to the Bursar's office. If not paid within ten days, you will be subject to a $150.00 late fee and/or a hold on your account. You may pay the Bursar's office in person (first floor of the Wilbur Cross building). You may also make free online e-check payments by going to Credit card payments are accepted online only through the Student Administration System. There is a 2.85% convenience fee for credit card payments.

By mail: checks only to the Bursar's office


Spring 2020 Semester Meal Plans

The three meal plan options listed below have been designed for students living on campus.

Graduate students, faculty, staff, and commuters may also choose one of the three plans OR they may choose the Community Plan or a Declining Balance Account (the Cash Account). These plans allow for access to all dining units and for those with points, to most retail operations. Husky Bucks may also be purchased. Read on to learn more.

Ultimate Plan

  • Unlimited access during operating hours to resident dining units.
  • 35 flex passes
  • 500 points
  • $3,154.00/semester or $6,308.00/year

Value Plan

  • Unlimited access during operating hours to resident dining units.
  • 40 flex passes
  • 200 points
  • $3,010.00/semester or $6,020.00/year

Custom Plan

  • Unlimited access during operating hours to resident dining units.
  • 75 flex passes
  • No points are attached to this plan allowing the customer to determine what level of points they want to purchase.
  • $2,855/semester or $5710.00/year

Meal plan points and flex passes Do Not rollover. Unused meals, Flex passes and meal plan points are not reimbursed. Flex passes can be used for guest meals or can be used for value meals at Dining's Grab & Go's. A student who is on the meal plan, due to a class or work conflict, can set up a bag meal account. This can be accomplished by providing validation and completing a request form identifying bag meal dates.

Rightsizing Your Meal Plan

Please Note: If you want to upgrade your meal plan, you may do so at any time throughout the semester. If you want to downsize your meal plan, you have until Friday, February 7th, 2020 to do so. Please choose the meal plan which you believe most closely reflects your eating habits and how many meals you will eat during the semester. Please buy conservatively. If you run out of meals toward the end of the semester, you may purchase additional meals through our community plan.

Additional Meal Plans

Meal options for faculty, staff, local residents, commuters and students not living in undergraduate housing, include the three plans listed above which are valid while school is in session. Additionally, we offer the Community Plan, the Community Meal Plan combined with Husky Bucks, and a declining balance account (the cash account) which both stay open year-round. These plans allow for access to all dining units, and for those with points, to most cash operations.

These meal plans do roll over from semester to semester but they are not refundable until the person graduates or leaves the UConn community (at the value they were originally purchased).

Community Meal Plan

Students living off campus or in the university apartment complexes can purchase a community plan, which is a block of twenty five meals, for $290.00. This plan is for off campus students, faculty, staff and administration to be used in any of our eight residential Dining Units. This plan stays open year-round. There is no limit to the amount of meals you can use each day and you may bring a guest(s) by simply debiting a meal(s).

Current Plan Price (2019/2020) is:

  • 25 meals $290.00

For full-time, permanent employees only:
If you want to pay for this meal plan by payroll deduction, a minimum purchase of 50 meals is required.


Enhanced Community Meal Plan: Community Meal Plan + Points

You can purchase a valid Community Meal Plan plus additional Points. Multiple blocks may also be purchased. This plan allows access to all dining units and to most retail operations. Points may be purchased in any dollar increment: 1 point=$1 dollar. Meals and points carry over to the next semester and are refundable only when you leave the university (at the value they were originally purchased).

Husky Bucks + Community Plan

Husky Bucks combined with a valid Community Meal Plan now offers a discount. When you purchase a valid Community Meal Plan (25 meals for $290.00) for use in the residential dining units and pay for your food purchases in our retail operations with Husky Bucks, you will receive a 5% discount off each purchase. Please note that this discount is applied only to purchases in Union Street Market, The Beanery and any of our five UC Café coffee shops. Off-campus locations are not included in this offer. Husky Bucks can be purchased through the One Card Office or on-line through the One Card office's website:

Cash Account

Cash points can be used at all dining units and most retail operations.

Prices in the dining units as of 8/01/19:

  • Breakfast $8.55 ($5.80 kids under 12)
  • Lunch $13.50 ($9.40 kids under 12)
  • Brunch $16.15 ($11.30 kids under 12)
  • Dinner $16.40 ($11.55 kids under 12)

All cash point accounts that are inactive for a whole semester will be closed. Requested refunds are issued only if the student is graduating or leaving the University (at the value they were originally purchased).