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The UConn Stamford Local Eatery Meal Plan is a new program that connects hungry Huskies with Stamford’s local eateries. The meal plan allows students to purchase blocks of meals for use at off-campus, independent, restaurants. Participating restaurants will provide healthy, well-balanced options and accommodate dietary restrictions when possible.



Local Eatery Meal Plan Details


Each meal will include a main dish, a side, and a beverage appropriate for lunch or dinner.


New restaurants coming for Fall 2024!


One swipe provides you with one comprehensive meal at a participating restaurant.


Swipes can be redeemed during the participating restaurants' hours of operation. Please visit each location or their website for current hours.


$325 per block (25 meals)

Maximum of 10 blocks or 250 meals.


Charges are posted to the student's fee bill.

Purchased meals will carry over from semester to semester, and remain active until you graduate, separate from the University, or the cost per meal increases. Students will be eligible for a refund of unused meals at the cost they paid for the meal plan if they separate from the University, graduate, or the cost per meal increases. Students are also eligible for a refund if they have not yet used a meal and a request is made prior to the first day of classes.  All refund requests should be requested through

UConn Dining Services does not manage the Stamford dining plan. To contact the coordinator of the Stamford Local Eatery Meal Plan with questions or concerns regarding purchasing or restaurant participation, please email

Participating Restaurants

Affiliation/Endorsement: While UConn Stamford enthusiastically supports local eateries and restaurants, a specific entity’s inclusion in the UConn Stamford's Local Eatery Meal Plan is not an endorsement or suggestion to purchase or use what is offered and shall not be construed as a formal affiliation and/or endorsement of any individual, business, product, or service. UConn is not responsible for any information, content, emails, products, or services of any participating restaurant that may be referenced on this website.

Meal Block Suggestions

Residential Students

If you are interested in approximately 2 meals per day (including weekends), we recommend purchasing 225 meals (9 blocks) for the semester.

Please take into consideration whether you will be staying on campus for winter break when calculating your meal needs.

Commuter Students

Looking for 1 meal per day during the school week for the semester? We recommend purchasing 100 meals (4 blocks).