Spring Valley Student Farm

About Us

Spring Valley Student Farm (SVSF) sprouted in spring 2010 from a project planted by Residential Life. Since that time SVSF has blossomed into a year-round community for eleven student farmers living in two UConn houses 4.5 miles off-campus. The student farmers learn about sustainable community living, organic food growing methods, and the business aspects of how food is harvested, processed, and presented to the UConn dining community. As stewards and ambassadors of the farm, the student farmers support Spring Valley Student Farm as an educational destination where everyone may come together to learn and grow.

Spring Valley Student Farm exists as a collaborative venture between Dining Services, Residential Life, EcoHouse Learning Community, and First-Year Programs, the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources, and the Office of Sustainability.

Spring Valley Student Farm Mission:

Spring Valley Student Farm provides an opportunity for UConn students and the greater community to join together to learn about environmentally, socially and economically ethical regenerative food production through hands-on experience. The Farm allows students to gain practical knowledge and skills through experiential learning while simultaneously modeling a closed loop food model in which organic produce is grown on campus for UConn Dining Services. Spring Valley Student Farm aims to be a place where students, faculty, staff, and Storrs-Mansfield community members can come together to learn about the connections between land, food, and people.

  • Serve as a vanguard for the local, organic food movement on the UConn campus by encouraging students, faculty, and staff to consider the environmental, social and economic impacts of the foods they consume daily.
  • Model efficient, effective regenerative organic farming techniques that yield healthy productive soil, increased farm biodiversity and hundreds of varieties of high quality vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers.
  • Encourage imaginative, innovative, and creative thinking to achieve more sustainable lifestyles.
  • Host workshops, seminars, tours, and volunteer work days for the campus community, local residents, and local schools.

Contact Us

For more information please contact Farm Manager, Jessica Larkin-Wells at jessica.larkin-wells@uconn.edu or call 203-215-9345