Spring Valley Lower House - photo by Rafael Concepcion

Spring Valley Student Farm is home to 11 undergraduate students who live in two houses (of 4 and 7 student residents) on the farm. Each student contributes ten hours of farm chores per week, including weekly farm meetings. Students live and work together and treasure the family atmosphere of Spring Valley.

Many Spring Valley student farmers are deeply inspired by their experiences at the farm and develop lifelong passions and skills. We open applications whenever spaces become available, usually every semester.

Semester Housing at Spring Valley: Applications are CLOSED for Fall 2022 housing. All full-time undergraduate UConn students are encouraged to apply by February 25, 2022. SVSF applicants are also required to separately submit the on-campus housing application, deadline February 11, through MyHousing (https://reslife.uconn.edu/housing-selection/ ) to be eligible for housing at SVSF. Please find more information and application questions here

Summer Housing at Spring Valley: Summer housing at SVSF is open to all undergraduate students who are enrolled in classes full time for the following fall or enrolled in summer classes. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Please find more information and application questions here.

Questions? Contact Jessica.larkin-wells@uconn.edu or call 203-215-9345.

Front of SVSF house
Open Letter to all hopeful student farmers, from the current farmers