To-Go Containers

To-go containers are approved for the following situations:

  1. Students with Medical Need(s)
  2. Mealtime Conflict Due to Internship, Job, Class (Hartford & Avery Point campuses included)
  3. Students in Quarantine

Medical Approval Process

  • For students who have a medical need for a to-go container please follow the steps on this page.

Internship, Job, and Class Conflicts


  • Students who are identified by SHaW for quarantine will be allowed to get a to-go container at the dining hall check in station.
  • Dining will receive a list of names from SHaW. Please tell the Dining employee working the check in station that you are approved for a to-go container.

If you dine-in, please review our take-out policy on what you are allowed to take with you when leaving the dining hall. Personal to-go containers are not allowed.