Vegan pastas

At UConn Dining we offer vegetarian and vegan choices in all our facilities on campus to include eight residential dining halls, six cafes, a food court, catering, and food truck. We also make sure that we label all our vegan options in all our facilities on campus to ensure that students are aware of our daily selection. We thank all our students who have driven us in a direction to be able to prepare delicious, healthy vegan cuisine on a daily basis.

In 2021, we opened our first 100% plant-based café on campus called “CrossRoads” which has become one of the most popular cafes on campus. We have always been very proud of our vegan program and have seen a steady increase in consumption of vegan dishes on campus. If it wasn’t for our students, our talented staff, and a university that supports our efforts to move forward, we never would be where we are today. 

UConn Dining staff are happy to meet with you to discuss your dietary needs/restrictions and help you navigate the dining halls. Please refer to our Dietary Restrictions & Preferences page for more information.

If you would like to get involved with students at UConn with a similar plant-forward lifestyle, please reach out VegHuskies or the CrossRoads Event Management Committee.

Click here for a list of products that we use.

Vegan burger
Vegan taco
sweet potato bar
plant based tacos
Vegan Crabcake
Vegan patties
Vegan Sausage sandwich
Red White Blue Salad