Dining Retail Locations: Hours Update & Closures

After a careful business review, Dining Services has determined that it will be temporarily closing Chem Café and Wilbur’s Café and the Bistro (within the Student Union) effective this Friday, September 18. Chem Cafe & Wilbur’s will be open til 3pm on Friday and Bistro until 6pm.

Earth, Wok and Fire and One Plate, Two Plate within the Student Union will have adjusted schedules of operation, beginning the weekend of September 26th, when they will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Student Union Food Court will continue to be open on weekends to meet the campus’s dining needs. All of these changes have been initiated because of the lack of business in these areas.

Any student employees impacted by these changes will be offered a transition to other areas of Dining Services.