Dining Hall Policies


Visitors/guests on the Storrs campus are welcome to enjoy a meal in our dining halls.

Students and employees can admit guests by using points, flex passes, a meal from the Community Meal Plan, Husky Bucks, or credit/debit.
Note: 1 flex pass = 1 guest meal; points and Husky Bucks are dollar-for-dollar at the guest rate below. 

Visitors to campus may also pay for a meal with credit/debit at the guest rate below.

Please let the Dining Services staff member at the check-in station know which method of payment you or your guest will be using.


Breakfast $8.80 ($6.15 children under 12)
Brunch $16.60 ($11.95 children under 12)
Lunch $13.85 ($9.95 children under 12)
Dinner $17.35 ($12.25 children under 12)

Dining Halls are Cashless: Mastercard, Visa, AmEx, Discover accepted.
Prices effective through 8/31/2024 (prices do not include tax).
Sales tax is 7.35% – tax is exempt for any individual with a UConn ID.


All of our dining halls are all-you-care to eat. When leaving you may take one of the following food items with you: one piece of fruit, one ice cream treat, one pastry item, one beverage (16 oz or less fountain beverage in a reusable container). No Tupperware or outside to-go containers are allowed in the dining halls. If a class, job, internship interferes with being able to get a meal in any of our dining halls, please review our program information on to-go containers.


Student IDs used for the meal plan are not transferrable. Your meal plan cannot be used by anyone else with the use of your ID card. This is a serious infraction and is listed under the Student Conduct Code under the Conduct Rules and Regulations, Section 8 of the handbook, “Responsibilities of Community Life: The Student Code“. Students who violate this policy will be referred to the Office of Community Standards for necessary action.


The Department of Dining Services will allow backpacks in the dining area. You may bring your laptop computer without the cases into the dining room. You may also utilize lockers if they are available in your area. You must provide your own locks. Dining Services shares no liability in the storage of laptop computers, knapsacks, and other bags with valuables. Store them at their own risk.