SVSF Outreach

Spring Valley Student Farm will not be open to visitors for summer 2021. We plan to reopen in late August depending on further Covid-19 developments. Please contact Jessica Larkin-Wells at if you would like to schedule volunteer opportunities, tours, or events at SVSF for fall 2021. We look forward to seeing you at the Farm soon!


Students living at SVSF are part of the EcoHouse Learning Community (LC). As a part of the EcoHouse LC, SVSF farmers encourage all EcoHouse members to participate in on-farm activities. Additionally, SVSF farmers present on-campus informational talks and workshops specifically for EcoHouse members as well as offering special on-farm events. All UConn LCs are encouraged to visit and volunteer at the farm on Farm Fridays and at other times.

USG clubs -SVSF Club, EcoGarden, Beekeeping Club

Join SVSF community members as we engage with multiple on-campus clubs. Some of the clubs we manage, or participate in, are Spring Valley Student Farm club, EcoGarden club, and Beekeeping club. For more information about on-campus clubs go to

EcoGarden Event (April 3rd, 2021) Planting Our Roots – A President’s Commitment to Community Grant Project

The President’s Commitment to Community initiative designed to reduce bigotry, prejudice and discrimination & to foster respect and understanding among the UConn community. 

Planting Our Roots is a collaborative initiative between EcoGarden Club, Spring Valley Student Farm, and culture-based student organizations to provide a community space to grow culturally relevant foods on UConn’s campus. Planting Our Roots facilitates conversations about food apartheid, environmental injustice, and cultural reclamation by affording students the opportunity to exercise food sovereignty in their campus community. This project allows students to embrace the healing nature of the Earth while being grounded in their cultural heritage and connecting with each other.  

On April 3, 2021, Planting Our Roots hosted a planting celebration in the EcoGarden gardening space. Students painted a community mural, planted pea seeds in the garden, and planted peanuts or Napa cabbage to take home with them. Students taste-tested bok choi microgreens and took SVSF grown lettuce seedlings. At the end of the event, students picnicked with a delicious taco lunch catered by local restaurant Tacos la Rosa.  

It was great to spend time outside, enjoy the garden space, and connect with new people through food. 

Many students helped with the planning and implementation of this event. It was definitely a community effort. 

Special thanks go to the following students who contributed their time and expertise to provide an outstanding Planting Our Roots program.

Phoebe Mrozinski
Aaron Johnson
Hailey Longo
Sally (Qingyu) Dai
Sana Haroon
Marissa Naclerio
Chloe Murphy
B Diaz  

Additional help provided by SVSF farmers and alumna. Anneke Levine ’20, Bachelor of Arts, was instrumental in applying for and receiving the grant funding. Current SVSF residents Maura Sanchi and Jordan Williams provided general project support along with Chris Shieh, who acted as the primary photographer.  

Check out photos from this event in our photo gallery.

On-Farm Tours

For UConn classes, student or community clubs, school groups, summer camps, and other community members.

Spring Valley Student Farm welcomes UConn classes, student or community clubs, K-12 school groups, daycare facilities, summer camps, and other community members to join us for fun and educational workshops or tours. We will work with instructors or group leaders to customize your SVSF experience.

Let us know what topics you are interested in and we will provide knowledgeable UConn students to engage with your group. Some of the topics we have covered for past schools and groups include pollinators, soil biology, the importance of diversity in agriculture, vegetable plant families, parts of the plant, and composting. These topics and many more are covered in a fun and interactive way where students have the opportunity to get their hands dirty by participating in actual food growing techniques. If you would like more information about visiting the farm with your group please contact Interim Farm Manager Jessica Larkin-Wells at

Get to know more about Spring Valley below.

Learn More About Spring Valley

On-Campus presentations and workshops for clubs or classes

SVSF students are available to discuss sustainable food systems with your club or class on-campus. We present to many different classes on a variety of topics that are part of a sustainable food system. Contact Interim Farm Manager Jessica Larkin-Wells at if you would like more information about how we can engage your class on-campus.

Bug Week – Insect Wonders at the Farm

This event is a collaboration with College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources UConn Extension Service.

An annual event fourth week of July. Free and open to the public.

Earth Day Spring Fling – Third week of April

This event is a organized by DDS and Office of Environmental Policy - EcoHusky club

Special summer Tuesday Tour events

These special topic talks are offered once a month at 5 & 7 PM!

Some topics we have covered are

  1. Importance of dandelions for pollinators
  2. Ways to help the Monarch Butterfly
  3. The why and how of
    1. Composting  
    2. Edible Forest Gardening
    3. Soil building and cover crops
    4. Solar thermal greenhouse heating