Food For Thought Food Truck


The Food for Thought Food Truck will be in front of the library on Fairfield Way.

  •  The Food Truck will be open Monday – Friday 11:00am – 2:30pm.

  • Beginning Monday, March 19th through finals, the Food Truck will be open from 11:00am – 4:30pm, Monday – Friday.
  • Summer Hours of Operation

Our daily menu plus nutritional information may be found by clicking here. 

Follow us on Twitter to find out other locations: @uconnfoodtruck



Cheese Quesadilla    4.99
Cheddar jack and mozzarella cheese piled high and melted on a warm flour tortilla.

Veggie Quesadilla    5.49
Roasted red pepper hummus, black beans, corn and pepper blend, mushrooms and spinach, layered together into a warm flour tortilla.

BBQ Chicken Quesadilla    5.49
A golden fried chicken cutlet smothered in BBQ sauce and cheddar jack cheese, then topped with French’s crispy fried onions, jalapenos, and scallions and wrapped in a warm flour tortilla.

Sweet Heat Chicken Sandwich    5.49
A golden fried chicken cutlet served on a buttery brioche roll, topped with a honey chipotle aioli, sliced pickles, coleslaw, and finished with leaf lettuce and fresh tomato. Substitute grilled chicken or make it a classic Crispy Chicken sandwich with just lettuce and tomato.

Garden Side Salad    1.95
Romaine lettuce, mesclun greens, carrots, purple cabbage, cucumbers, grape tomatoes and green peppers. Add fried or grilled chicken for 1.99.



MONDAY: Garlic Parmesan Fries   3.99
Garlic and parmesan cheese sprinkled over crinkle cut fries and served with a chipotle aioli dipping sauce.

TUESDAY: Bacon, Egg & Cheese Quesadilla    4.99
Eggs, bacon and cheddar cheese layered on a warm flour tortilla.

WEDNESDAY: Mac & Cheese Quesadilla   4.99
Creamy mac & cheese, jalapenos, bacon and mozzarella cheese on a warm flour tortilla.

THURSDAY: Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla   4.99
Fried chicken cutlet, buffalo sauce, bleu cheese dressing, mozzarella cheese and scallions on a warm flour tortilla.

FRIDAY: Nacho Fries   4.99
Cheddar jack cheese, jalapenos and pico de gallo served on top of crinkle cut French fries, with a chipotle aioli dipping sauce.


Bacon 1.00
Fried Egg 1.00
Chicken 1.99
Crickets .99
Cheese (cheddar or mozarella) .50 
Salsa or Sour Cream .50

Extra dressing or sauce .50


Crinkle Cut Fries   Small 1.60 / Large 2.90

Avocado Fries: a whole avocado cut into six wedges and deep fried, then seasoned with Kosher salt and a lime and served with a chipotle aioli dipping sauce.  3.99


Deep Fried Cookie Dough   2.99
Six battered and deep fried balls of chocolate chip cookie dough, topped with powdered sugar and sea salt.


Coke, Diet Coke, Dasani Water  1.70


Monday – Friday 11:00am – 2:30pm

In the event of severe cold or bad weather, please call 486-4206 to check and see if the food truck is serving.

Have you heard about our newest menu item? CRISPY, CRUNCHY CRICKETS!!! and more about crickets!
For inquiries about the truck please email, please include the details of inquiry – date, time, location, guests.

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We accept cash, Husky Bucks, American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover

(We do not accept points.)