2024 Boiling Point Competition Winners

First Place: Team Catering – Alexis Saucier, Amanda Flynn, Deborah Smith
Tapas 1: Octopus Salad – celery, aloe, pomegranate w/chili lime vinaigrette)
Tapas 2: Fried Pie Crust Octopus – served over herbed couscous w/pickled melon & pomegranate
Tapas 3: Dessert Ravioli – filled with fruit of the forest pie, cream cheese & caramel cheese w/lemon, pomegranate cheese glaze

Second Place: Team McMahon – Dan Malinak, Michelle Abele, Nick Otka
Tapas 1: Seared Octopus Asian Slaw
Tapas 2: Caramel Farrotto
Tapas 3: Stuffing Croquette – fruit of the forest pie & aloe

Third Place: Team Union Street Market – Curtis Bangs, Mariangelis Ramos-Soto, Jasmine Zamot
Tapas 1: Pomegranate Aloe Smoothie
Tapas 2: Ensalada de Pulpo
Tapas 3: Mini Fruit of the Forest Crepe w/Caramel Cheese

Boiling Point Mystery Basket of Ingredients: Octopus, Pomegranate, Caramel Cheese, Aloe, Fruit of the Forest Pie, Chili Crisp

2024 Recipe Competition Winners


  1. Keith Gilbert – Honey Lemon Roasted Carrot & Cauliflower Salad
  2. Brian Gray – Jamaican Oxtail w/Fried Dumplings
  3. Robert D’Andrea – Over the Top Mac & Cheese


  1. Lucinda Simms – Uncle Joe’s Cow Foot Stew
  2. Kathy Halgren – Braised Lamb Shoulder
  3. Shaunda Baker – Pork Shoulder w/Johnnies Yams and Mac & Cheese


  1. Lulu Hernandez – Mango Cheesecake
  2. Kathy Halgren – Hokey Pokey Ice Cream
  3. Deborah Smith – Cherry Mumbles

2023 Boiling Point Competition Winners

  1. Team NorthEdgar Alzate, Alisha Young, & Anthony Pelzer
    Northern Floridian Conch, Wild Mushroom Tapenade, & Pork Belly Bites
  2. Team McMahonDan Malinak, Gary Ellis, & Jen Goloski
    Creamy Wild Mushroom Pasta, CBT (Candy Bacon Tomato), & New Orleans Conch Fritter
  3. Team PutnamMatthew Nichols, Iliana Benitez, & Loisann Sisson
    Conch Risotto, Red Hot Tortellini w/Pork & Wild Mushrooms, & Eggnog Ricotta w/Pomelo
    Honorable MentionBest Dessert – Team Catering – Alexis Saucier, Jon Carr, & Amanda Flynn
    Banana Cinnamon Citrus Sphere

Boiling Point Mystery Basket of Ingredients: Red Hots candy, Pomelo, Rice Krispies, Mushrooms, Pork Belly, & Conch

2023 Recipe Contest Winners


  1. Bryon Parker – Seared Shrimp & Cauliflower
  2. Josh Cratty – Popcorn Shrimp & Grits
  3. Sean Hawkins – Sous Vide Duck w/Red Bliss Potatoes & Haricot Verts


  1. Curtis Bangs – Ode to a Legend, Gone Too Soon
  2. Loisann Diana-Sisson – Chocolate Croissants
  3. Gary Ellis – Cranberry Cheese Danish with Eggnog Creme Anglais
Recipes from all the recipe contest participants can be found here.


No event was held in 2022.


Event was modified to just the Boiling Point competition and was held privately on Nov. 17 & 18th in the Dining Services Innovation Lab.

Boiling Point Competition Winners

  1. Catering Team (Amanda Flynn, Jeremy Quintana, Kathy Halgren)
    Orange espresso lamb chop with fall-inspired fresh celery root slaw, cheesy bacon mashed, and home-style honey sriracha baked lentils and pork
  2. Bistro Restaurant Team (Sean Hawkins, John Coutant, Joyce Essary)
    Smoked lamb and lentil carbonara/Sausage spring rolls with mandarin coconut dipping sauce
  3. Gelfenbien Team (Donna Johnston, Lucinda Simms, Curtis Bangs)
    Pistachio crusted lamb chops with coffee balsamic reduction/wine poached pear/Caribbean jasmine rice/lentil stuffed zucchini w/celery root

Boiling Point Mystery Basket of Ingredients: lamb chops, a Jimmy Dean biscuit sausage egg and cheese sandwich, lentils, mandarin oranges, celery root, and cold brew coffee concentrate


Recipe Contest & Boiling Point Winners

Boiling Point Mystery Basket of Ingredients: frog legs, porcini mushroom powder, pistachios, cornbread, chia-raspberry jam, French meat pie, oat milk

Boiling Point Team Dishes