Choosing the Right Meal Plan

Students who are new to UConn are always confronted with the same challenge when deciding on what meal plan best fits their needs. As you explore our options you will find that each plan comes with unlimited access to any of our eight residential dining programs. This is a relatively unique feature compared to other schools. Continuous dining in all of our eight units (with the exception of one which is closed for a brief time in the afternoon) makes it easy to have access to nutritious options throughout the day.

As you can see, all three plans vary in points. The lowest plan has no points. When you spend a point at our retail locations the point has the value of one dollar however, in realty when points are tied into an “all you care to eat plan” the true value of the point is significantly less. You can say that these points are “discounted” versus actually spending money from your wallet or using a charge card. You can also see this by looking at the minimal difference of the cost of each plan and the added value of the points assigned to our top two plans

Parents and students often ask what is the best plan or most popular? This is not an easy question to respond to since each student has different eating habits. Many spend more time in the academic buildings, library, or Student Union where points can be spent. What I can share is that seventy-five percent of our students on our meal plan select a meal plan option that has points attached. There is true value to this option versus spending out-of-pocket a dollar for a dollar. Also, with over twenty-five retail options across campus. Points are a convenient way to purchase food rather than return to our residential dining units.

I hope this might provide you with some insight into your decision process. Remember anytime during the semester you can call our office at 860.486.3128 and upgrade a plan that was initially selected.

Dennis Pierce, Executive Director of Dining Services