Group Visits, Orders, & Pickups

The UConn Dairy Bar is a popular stop on campus for UConn groups as well as off-campus visitors to campus. This guide will help your group plan a successful visit.


  • Pick up orders for groups
  • Groups coming to the Dairy Bar that are larger than 25

If you have any questions about placing your order please call the UConn Dairy Bar at 860-486-1021 and ask to speak to a supervisor.

PLEASE NOTE: There is very limited indoor dining and we ask that large groups wait outside while their ice cream is picked up by their group leaders.

UCONN FYE Class/Learning Communities

Please submit FYE/Learning Communities order form at least 7 days prior to pick up with all FYE class information completely filled out for accurate billing. Orders received with less than 7 days' notice will not be processed. In the event that we are out of any selected flavor, we will make a reasonable substitution. Pickups can be made during regular business hours.


Submission form for: FYE 1784, 1794, 1800, & 1810    

UConn Groups (Non FYE/Class)


UConn groups using KFS# accounts for billing should download our UConn Group Order Form and email it to Dairy Bar with at least seven days' advance notice prior to ice cream pick up. Authorization from a designated person on the KFS# account, a written business purpose, and a guest list must be submitted to before we can process your order.

The Dairy Bar can only process pre-ordered and properly authorized purchases to a KFS#. Group Leaders who would like to bring their group to the Dairy Bar to order should pay using their own funds and request reimbursement through the University:


Vouchers can be requested for cups of ice cream (child size or small) and billed to KFS# accounts by emailing Requests should include the organization name, contact person, KFS#, billing authorization, and business purpose. All requests for vouchers should be placed a minimum of two weeks before they are needed. Click here to see sample image of a voucher.

Requests must include:

      • Size: Child ($3.49 each) or Small ($4.66 each)
      • Department Name
      • KFS#
      • Business Purpose

Groups looking to order/pick up supplies to execute their own ice cream event should download and fill out our Pickup Order Form - Toppings & Supplies and email it to with at least 7 days notice prior to your pick-up date.

Non UConn Groups

Groups must supply proper tax certificates prior to their visit (CERT 112 or CERT 123 are the ONLY acceptable forms) see below.

We have ample outside seating and two bus parking spots available, as well as plenty of Dairy Bar visitor parking.

We have very limited indoor seating. It is recommended that groups enjoy their ice cream outside the building.


If your group has 25 or fewer people, please call 860-486-1021 at least 1-2 days in advance, and let us know the date and time of your visit and we will be prepared to help you. On an average day, we can ring up your group and get their ice cream scooped in approximately 10 minutes depending on what is ordered.


Due to limited customer capacity inside the building, please order pre-scooped cups that will be ready for pick up when you arrive.  We ask that only one or two people from your party enter the building to pick up your order. Please fill out our Non-UConn Group Order Form and email it to at least 7 days prior to your visit. For larger groups, we suggest limiting flavors to 3 or 4. Occasionally we run out of flavors and will need to make reasonable substitutions for your selections.


Tax-exempt organizations are required to pay by a check or credit card in the name of the organization. If the organization is collecting payment from the group members, the order is NOT considered tax-exempt. The following documentation must be provided prior to, or at the time of the visit.

The State of CT requires us to keep on file completed certification forms for every tax-exempt sale. Please submit the appropriate forms for your organization filled out exactly as the instructions direct for every order placed. Tax-exempt purchases must be made with a check or credit card in the name of the organization. ONLY THE FOLLOWING FORMS ARE ACCEPTED:

  1. CERT-112 – Showing that the DRS has authorized the organization to make tax-exempt purchases of meals for a single event
  2. CERT-123 – Showing that DRS has authorized the organization to make tax-exempt purchases of meals generally

PLEASE REVIEW  "Tax Documentation Needed from Tax Exempt Customers Purchasing Goods and Services from UConn"

Exemption certificates to download are available at the State of Connecticut DRS website at:

Without the correct exemption certificate, the law requires us to charge meals tax, a refund of the tax may be requested from DRS using CERT-122.


We accept cash, checks (with proper identification or in an organization’s name), Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or Discover. If you require an invoice to request a check, please use your completed order form. Cash register receipts are provided at the time of payment.

If you have any questions about placing your order please call the UConn Dairy Bar at 860-486-1021 and ask to speak to a supervisor.