Go Green with Reusable To-Go Containers

green piece program

The Green Piece program is a reusable to-go container that can be purchased and used at locations in the Student Union:

  • Union Street Market (USM)
  • Earth, Wok & Fire
  • One Plate, Two Plates

Using a reusable to-go container helps Dining Services cut back on buying paper containers, decreases our carbon footprint, and reduces waste.


  • Open to All: Any UConn faculty, staff, or student can enroll/use the Green Piece container.
  • One & Done: There is a one-time enrollment cost of $5. Your enrollment never expires.
  • Save Money: Every time you use a Green Piece container you get .50 cents* off your meal at the register.
  • Recyclable: The containers are 100% BPA-free polypropylene, microwave safe for re-heating, NSF certified,
    and can eventually be recycled (#5 - recycle chart).
  • We Do the Cleaning: When you are done with your meal, drop the container in the return bin near the USM entrance and we take care of the cleaning.


  • First Time?
    • Ask staff at the Union Street Market food stations, Earth, Wok & Fire, or One Plate, Two Plates for your meal to be placed in the Green Piece container.
    • At the register, the one-time cost to enroll is $5 (credit/debit, cash, and Husky Bucks accepted).
    • Staff will enter your information into our system so that in future visits they can verify you are part of the program and receive .50 cents* off your bill.

When you are finished using the container, drop it into the Green Piece return box so that we can clean and sanitize it. The return box is located right near the USM entrance.

Use the container 10x and it pays for itself!

*Discount does not apply to flex pass meals.

Return Bin Location
Green Piece container at Earth, Wok & Fire
Green Piece Container at One Plate, Two Plates