The Green Piece at USM

green piece

Using The Green Piece is always FREE!


You can now ask for a reusable food container at Union Street Market! Simply ask your server for the reusable container at the food station of your choice and they will prepare your food in a clean, sanitized, reusable container. After eating, place your used container into the labeled bin located in front of the food court.

Customers who participate in the program receive their product in a clean, sanitized to-go container. The reusable containers have been designed for repeated use and are dishwasher safe. When a customer is finished with their meal they return the container to the designated drop off bin inside the Union Street Market servery or to any cashier. Then our staff brings the used containers to our dish area where it is cleaned and sanitized in our dish machine like all of our cooking and serving equipment. The clean and sanitized container then is stocked at the stations for service.

Each container is made of 100% BPA free polypropylene, incorporated with Microban and is NSF approved.

A one time fee of $5

1.  Program never expires.
2.  Pays for itself after 20 uses.
3.  Anyone can use the Green Piece.
4. Each time you use the Green Piece after your initial purchase you'll save $0.25 on your purchase.