Local Food Vendors

We are the largest consumer of locally grown produce in Connecticut.

Connecticut and New England Food Producers

We are proud to list the following Connecticut and New England food producers.

  • The Bridge Tofu, Middletown, CT (Tofu & Seitan)
  • Calabro Cheese Co., East Haven, CT (Mozzarella, Ricotta, Parmesan & Romano Cheeses)
  • Four Mile River Farm, Old Lyme CT (Pastured Beef)
  • Pumpkin Paul’s Farm, Tolland, CT (Strawberries)
  • Mountain Dairy, Storrs, CT (Milk & Cream)
  • Buell’s Orchard, Eastford, CT (Apples, Pears, Peaches & Apple Cider)
  • Norman’s Sugarhouse, Woodstock, CT (Maple Syrup & Honey)
  • Nodine’s Smokehouse, Torrington, CT (Beef Hotdogs, Apple Smoked Bacon & Ham)

And the following University of Connecticut food producers:

  • UConn Poultry Farm (Cage Free Eggs)
  • UConn EcoGarden Club (Garden Produce & Herbs)
  • UConn Spring Valley Farm (Garden Produce & Herbs)
  • UConn Dairy Bar (Ice Cream)
  • UConn Dining Services Apiary (UConn Gold Honey)

Our Fish is caught and delivered daily:

Red’s Best® is a reputable mark distinguishing delicate care for seafood. Red’s Best fish is so beautiful because Red’s Best innovative technology and logistics platform streamlines and accelerates seafood transactions, reducing costs and time between fishermen and consumers. Red’s Best managers administer this industrial platform for fellow fishermen so that fish unloaded from boats ships to buyers at the same pace at which fish ships to fish markets or auctions.