Certified Green Restaurant

All eight of our residential dining units are Certified Green Restaurant® from the Green Restaurant Association (GRA). UConn was the first university with the GRA to receive the highest level of four-star certification at all dining halls (Read more here). Founded in 1990, The Green Restaurant Association, an international nonprofit organization, has pioneered the Green Restaurant® movement as the leading voice within the industry, encouraging restaurants to green their operations using transparent, science-based certification standards.

What does Certified Green Restaurant® mean? The purpose of the GRA standards is to provide a transparent way to measure each restaurant’s environmental accomplishments while providing a pathway for the next steps each restaurant can take towards increased environmental sustainability.

Click the graphic below to learn more about the certification standards.

Click the logo for GRA points at each dining hall.

Buckley Dining Hall GRA points


Gelfenbien GRA Points


McMahon Dining Hall GRA points


North Dining Hall GRA points


Northwest Dining Hall GRA points


Putnam Dining Hall GRA points


South Dining Hall GRA Points


Whitney Dining Hall GRA Points