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Digital Advertising & Foyer Tabling Information

Table Tent Ads are Now Know as Digital Advertising.

Dining Services no longer prints paper table tent ads. All ads are now digital.

Reservations are now being taken for the Spring 2018 semester digital ads. Please call 860-486-1580 at the time most convenient for you and we will reserve your ad(s). You may also email:

Click to View the Spring 2018 Schedule

All 8 dining units have digital ads that are viewed on screens in the units. Whitney Dining has 1 screen, the other 7 units have at least 2 or more screens.

  • Customer designs own ad or emails information to Dining’s Marketing Dept. to design. The ad size should be 1280 pixels wide x 720 pixels high (approx. 17 1/2″ wide x 9 3/4″). Ads must be submitted in jpg format.
  • To better accommodate our customers, you now have the option of purchasing ad reservations for one day, one week or two weeks.
    • One day = $20.00 (please reserve at least 5 days in advance whenever possible)
    • One week = $125.00 (please reserve at least 5 days in advance whenever possible)
    • Two weeks = $215.00 (please reserve at least 5 days in advance whenever possible)
    • One day = $15.00 (please reserve at least 5 days in advance whenever possible)
    • One week = $90.00 (please reserve at least 5 days in advance whenever possible)
    • Two weeks = $150.00 (please reserve at least 5 days in advance whenever possible)

Digital Ad Policy

  • Customer may cancel ads at any time with no charge.
  • Bills are emailed out toward the end of each month and payment is expected within 30 days of receiving invoice. Payments may be made by check or KFS#.
  • Ads are limited to on campus organizations only or organizations that meet with UConn students on campus. Organization must have a U-Box number to be considered.
  • All subject matter is subject to approval by Dining Services. Advertisements may be denied if content is deemed inappropriate.
  • A reservation notice will be emailed to organizations that have previously advertised with us.

Digital ads will not be available during semester breaks or during the summer.
Due to extenuating circumstances, ad weeks may vary by a day or two.

Other Advertising Opportunities

Posters in the Foyers of Dining Units: If a student group wants to post posters outside of the dining units, they must receive permission to do so by calling the Dining Services main office in Bishop Center at 860-486-3128 to reserve the time and space. After making the reservation, printed posters must be dropped off at this location as well. There is no charge for this service.

Tabling in Dining Unit Foyers: The Department of Dining Services allows student groups to utilize the Dining Units foyers for student table solicitation. If a student group wants a table, they must register with the Student Union Events Services at 860-486-3421. The name of the sponsoring organization must be on all advertising. Groups are not allowed to post flyers, banners or similar advertising on walls. Groups may use existing bulletin boards if they are available. Students may not solicit credit cards or credit card applications. If the sale of baked goods etc. will be taking place then prior approval and certification must take place with the Department of Environmental Health and Services.

Student Organization Reservation Policies available at the reservations office in the Student Union Events Office. When all criteria is met, the Student Union Events Office then contacts the Department of Dining Services to check on availability. Dining Services maintains the master calendar for foyer use.

In the event that the student group determines they will not be using the table they had reserved they must call the Student Union Events Office between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to cancel reservations may jeopardize the group’s future reservation privileges.