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Putnam Renovation Updates

Putnam Dining renovations are completed and the dining facility is now open. Below are photos of construction taken throughout the renovation.


Graphic Interior Elevations

Architect: AMENTA EMMA
General Contractor: KBE Building Corporation
Seating capacity = 700 (combined)

Upper Level:

  • Allergen
  • Dessert/Hot Bev/Breakfast
  • Deli
  • Comfort
  • Salads
  • Grill/Pizza
  • Juice bar
  • Action
  • Cold Bev/Ice Cream

Lower Level:

  • Salad
  • Grill
  • Action
  • Deli
  • Comfort
  • Street

Other cool features:

  • Living Grow wall with herbs that will be used in dining hall recipes.
  • Event Dining – where the classroom meets the kitchen table.
  • Open Staircase with 50’ mushroom art piece
  • Multiple lounge style seating areas that encourage students to stay and study while they enjoy a meal.


Update August 18th, 2016
P9330320 P9330334
P9330331 P9330326
P9330321 P9330319
P9330316 P9330297
P9330295 P9330291
P9330290 P9330289
P9330281 P9330274
Update July 29th, 2016
IMG_0038 IMG_0166
IMG_0152 IMG_0135
IMG_0128 IMG_0133
IMG_0122 IMG_0082


 Update April 11th, 2016
P9310857 P9310853
 P9310849  P9310848
 P9310846  P9310843
 P9310839  P9310838
 P9310835  P9310834


 Update March 30th, 2016
P9310809 P9310810
 P9310813  P9310818
 P9310820  P9310823
 P9310826  P9310830
 P9310828  P9310444


 Update March 16th, 2016
 P9310400  P9310410
 P9310414  P9310422
 P9310427  P9310429
 P9310438  P9310413


 Update March 3rd, 2016
 _1320744  _1320750
 _1320751  _1320755
 _1320756  _1330128
 _1330139  _1330249
 _1330254  _1330256