Bag Meal Requests

Bag meals are available when a student has a valid conflict with available meal times. To avoid the need of bag meals Dining Services now offers continuous service in all dining units from 7:00a.m to 7:15p.m; with the exception of McMahon Dining Hall. (McMahon closes each day at 2:15pm and re-opens at 3:45pm).  Late Nite dinner is available at Whitney, Northwest, and McMahon until 10:00p.m., Sunday through Thursday.

If you need to pick up your bag meal prior to our 7:00a.m. opening, we can accommodate you as early as 6:00a.m. Please see the dining unit manager to make 6:00am pick up arrangements. Bag meals can also be made available to you the night before if you leave campus before 6:00a.m. If picking up the night before is more convenient, please remember your bag meal must be refrigerated overnight.


Criteria for bag meal:

  • A student must have the Ultimate, Value, or Custom meal plan
  • A student’s conflict must be justified by a class schedule that would make it impossible to dine in any of our resident dining facilities. This has to be validated by attaching a class schedule that will be verified with the Registrar’s Office to the Bage Meal Request form. If you have a combination of class and work schedule conflicts, you will need to attach a class and work schedule to the form. You will also need to have your employer sign the form.
  • Student’s that are leaving campus due to an internship program or off-campus employment may pick up a bag meal. Verification must be signed by their employer.
  • Students that are taking classes and commuting from the Storrs Campus to either the Avery Point or Hartford campuses are eligible for bag meals. A copy of your Avery Point/ Hartford class schedule must be attached to this form.
  • The Bag Meal Request form can be picked up at any dining unit, or at the main office of Dining Services, located in Wade Hall, at 3384 Towers Loop Rd, Storrs. For your convenience, forms can be returned to either location.


The Process:

  • Upon entering the dining facility, you must tell the validine operator that you are part of the bag meal program.
  • They will swipe your ID card and this will deduct from a set amount of meals that is established by your schedule.
  • They will provide you with a bag for your convenience. Bag meals are available in all dining units. Bags meals can be assembled in Grab & Go’s (South, Putnam, Gelfenbien and Northwest).
  • If a unit does not have a Grab & Go, an area will be set up with the bag meal ingredients.
  • A bag meal consists of a sandwich or salad, a piece of fruit, vegetable sticks, a dessert, and a portable beverage. Due to food safety requirements, hot food from the serving line cannot be a component of your bag meal.