Thanksgiving Break Hours – Dining Halls & Retail

Retail Locations

Check here for the full Thanksgiving Break spreadsheet of hours of operation.

What’s Open 11/19-11/27

Friday 11/19

  • All Cafes (normal schedule) 7:30am-3pm
  • USM 11am-5pm
  • One Plate, Two Plates 11am-3pm
  • Market Cafe 7am-4pm
  • Earth, Wok & Fire 11am-3pm
  • Union Exchange C-Store 9am-5pm
  • Food Truck 11am-2pm
  • Mango  8am-2:30pm (smoothies menu only from 8-10:30)
  • Dairy Bar 11am-7pm

Saturday 11/20 & Sunday 11/21

  • Dairy Bar 11am-7pm both days

Monday 11/22 & Tuesday 11/23

  • USM 11am-3pm
  • Market Cafe 7:30am-3pm
  • Union Exchange C-Store 9am-3pm
  • Beanery Cafe 7:30am-3pm
  • Up & Atom Cafe 7:30am-3pm
  • Dairy Bar 11am-7pm

Wednesday 11/24

  • Beanery Cafe 7:30am-1pm
  • Dairy Bar 11am-4pm

Thursday 11/25 & Friday 11/26all Dining retail locations closed

Saturday 11/27

  • Dairy Bar 11am-6pm

Sunday 11/28

  • USM 11am-9pm
  • Market Cafe 10am-4pm
  • Union Exchange C-Store Noon-9pm
  • Dairy Bar 11am-6pm

Dining Halls

Semester meal plans shut down after dinner on Friday, November 19th. Residential meal plans will resume on Sunday, November 28th at breakfast. Community Meal Plans stay active during break and can be used at locations that are open. If you are staying on campus during Thanksgiving break 11/20-11/27, please check out the details below for what will be open. If you have a residential meal plan and would like meals during your time on campus, please fill out this formBuckley (and all other Dining operations) will be closed on Thursday, November 25th so that our staff can enjoy Thanksgiving with their families. We hope you have a wonderful break!