Dining Services Presents: A Bug Feast


What has more bioavailable iron than sirloin steak? Well, it turns out it is crickets according to a recent study. Questions about the nutritional value of insects have become common as we search for alternative sustainable sources of protein. Insects are not a bad option considering that we have at least 1,959 species of edible insects recorded around the world and they are indeed a popular food in many countries. Insects contain all essential amino acids and are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Mass rearing of insects for food can have a smaller environmental footprint due to their high reproductive rates and high feed-to-edible tissue conversion rates. Another reason to try insects – they are tasty! The diversity in edible insect types goes hand in hand with the assortment of flavors they provide. Come join UConn Dining Services and Professor Ana Legrand for an insect themed meal at Rome Hall and try a new food that in fact has been part of the human diet since ancient times.

If you and your friends are interested in enjoying a one of a kind experience, stop by the Union Central Exchange Convenience Store, on the second floor of the Student Union overlooking the Food Court. There you can sign up for Dining Services’ Pop-Up Dinner which will be held on Tuesday, March 12th at 6:00pm in Rome Commons Ballroom. Seating is limited to the first 100 guests. Reservations must be made by Friday, March 8th.This meal is free for those who want to sample a dinner of sustainable, high proteins and tasty food groups.


ALLERGY INFORMATION: If you are allergic to shellfish or crustaceans, you may also be allergic to insects.